Impotence is one of the clinical conditions that most frightens men of any age group. After all, it is always related to a possible end of male sexual life.

Impotence, however, is a treatable condition and should never be associated with the inability to have sex forever.

Many men, realizing that they can no longer get or maintain an erection, try to treat the problem with self-medication. Due to a series of taboos, they feel ashamed to go to a specialist.

However, self- medication can prolong the problem instead of solving it. Therefore, it is always more interesting to look for a specialist.

And what would be the reasons to always count on this professional when using a medication? See the reasons below.

Treating impotence with a specialist is safer

There is nothing more dangerous than choosing to use a drug you don’t know without any medical recommendation.

In fact, it is dangerous to even use medicines you already know without a prescription. Circumstances change and our bodies may react differently.

There are drugs that have been popularized for impotence treatments and that are extremely effective. However, like any drug, they have contraindications.

Therefore, the doctor prescribes the appropriate drug after evaluating the patient’s physical condition through clinical and laboratory tests.

Therefore, when treating impotence, always choose to consult a specialist to ensure safety for your health. After all, medications can significantly modify the functioning of your body and metabolism.

Treating Without Knowing the Cause Doesn’t Cure Impotence

Imagine investing money in a drug that ultimately won’t help you treat impotence? This is more common than you might think.

Impotence has several causes. In 90% of cases, it is triggered by organic factors, that is, by a malfunction of organs or systems.

Only a specialist doctor has the expertise to analyze the patient’s exams and identify the true cause. Then, based on this assessment, he prescribes medications or behavioral interventions to solve the problem.

If the patient does not have a really accurate diagnosis, he will take drugs that are not efficient in his case. Thus, it will not have the expected result.

In addition to frustration, the lack of results in the treatment can worsen your body’s response to the condition, developing psychological disorders that add to organic factors.

Therefore, looking for a specialist to prescribe the medication instead of self-medicating is essential to ensure the best results in the treatment.

After all, only the doctor can guarantee that you will actually be treating the condition with the medication you are going to use.

Prevent the worsening of the problem and other diseases

When the specialist diagnoses and treats impotence, the result is usually quite satisfactory. On the other hand, improper treatment can make the problem worse.

Imagine, for example, that the cause of impotence is a problem with the circulatory system. However, the patient reads somewhere that anxiety causes impotence and decides to self-medicate.

As he takes that medication that is not really related to impotence, the condition of his circulatory system worsens.

So, instead of having a simpler solution because the treatment started early, he may need more complex interventions because he took too long to look for a specialist.

Therefore, the best alternative is to look for a specialist doctor as soon as the first symptoms appear. This will avoid the hassle with more complex procedures.

Nor can we forget that impotence may actually be just a symptom of serious diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

Thus, the tests that the specialist requests are essential to identify these conditions and treat them before they generate serious health consequences.

Avoid drugs not approved by CDSCO

Self-medication becomes even more dangerous when the patient finds certain products on the internet.

Some of these products promise to solve the problem with natural formulas that, according to the advertisement, do not cause side effects.

However, this is far from the truth. Even plants have active ingredients that can cause side effects, depending on each person’s health condition.

In addition, drugs without CDSCO approval did not undergo two types of fundamental tests. The first is that of effectiveness.

Therefore, there is no study that proves that patients who used that product really had the solution to the problem.

The second, even more important, concerns security. If the drug has not been approved by CDSCO, it means that it can put the patient’s life at risk.

Rely on the confidentiality of a trusted professional

Unfortunately, in our society, the topic of sexual impotence is treated as taboo. Therefore, many men do not admit the problem and are ashamed to talk about it.

This shame even reaches the doctor’s office. Thus, many men stop looking for a specialist when they notice the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

However, it is necessary to understand that a sexologist in Delhi is a trusted professional. Everything you say inside the office is protected by medical confidentiality.

So, unlike friends, what you say in an office will never be said to other people unless you authorize it.

Even with your authorization, the matter will only be discussed with other professionals who treat you.

Suppose, for example, that your tests showed a change in the way your heart works. No medication that makes your problem worse can be prescribed.

Then, the specialist will ask for your permission to speak only with your cardiologist. Together, they will evaluate the best alternative to treat impotence without harming your heart.

Avoid unnecessary measures to treat impotence

Did you know that some medications cause impotence? As each organism is unique, they can generate this result in some patients, but not in others.

Therefore, when the patient has impotence caused by medication, he simply needs to look for the doctor to change it to another medication that does not generate this consequence.

However, when man seeks a solution to impotence without the help of a specialist, he will likely find a miracle drug on the internet.

In doing so, he puts his health at risk doubly. The first for using an over-the-counter medication, which may not bring results and harm your body.

The second is that the interaction between the various medications he is taking can be quite dangerous, putting the patient’s life at risk.

Seeing a specialist will take a weight off your shoulders.

As men generally do not talk about their impotence condition, we have the wrong feeling that when afflicted with this problem, we are the only ones.

However, this is not true. This is a condition that affects a significant percentage of men with any profile, at the most varied ages.

In the office, the doctor will show you how common this diagnosis is, at least at some point in life.

This way, you will understand that you are not the only one dealing with the problem and that you don’t need to feel inferior or with your self-esteem shaken by it.

Dealing with a specialist ensures the necessary support and follow-up

Support in the treatment of impotence can be indispensable for the patient who has been suffering from this condition for some time.

The professional specialist in this area is able to assist the patient, supporting him and informing the role of each component of the treatment.

Although only 10% of cases of impotence are caused by psychological problems, the specialist will know when it is essential to refer you to therapy.

Thus, you can be sure that your treatment encompasses all your needs, which guarantees more peace of mind to follow the procedures and wait for the results.

Consulting a specialist instead of self-medicating is essential care for the health of the man who is fighting impotence.